What do you do on a running retreat and what is a Runcation?

You’ve heard of yoga retreats and cycling tours, but may be asking, what happens on a running retreat and what does a day in the life of a Runcation look like?


I’m currently writing this post from the deck of a rifugio with chips, appetizers, and a carafe of wine. I can’t quite choose what view to look at. The rifugio is situated at the top of a 9000 foot peak and views of the layers of ranges of the Dolomites extend 360 degrees around me. The passing clouds and fog reveal new surprises of spires and ridgelines as each minute passes.  


Today we woke up at 7am to a full spread of a Dolomite breakfast from a Malga in the valley. Hard boiled eggs, meat, cheeses, breads, yogurt, muesli, cereals, seeds, coffee, tea, pastry cakes, and fresh juices covered the table. 

After breakfast and some stretching, we hit the trail descending into a misty wooded forest. As the sun broke through a few miles in we carved through the famous tofana pyramids of the Dolomites and headed up the valley. Stopping for scenic shots, views, and a long break in a grassy meadow, we continued hiking above the tree line, higher and higher as we continued towards 5,000 feet of elevation gain for the day. At 12 Miles in, our rifugio sitting atop a peak awaited us with sunshine, views, and a mixture of french fries, beer, wine, gnocchi, and bean and farro salad (depending on who you asked). 


After 6 hours on the trail, a meal, beverage, amd warm shower are a welcome site. In the afternoons some choose to relax with a book, others enjoy their wine on the deck, and the especially eager explore nearby vistas or trails. At this particular rifugio, a maze of old Austrian soldier tunnels from WW1 and other historical sites are situated at the base of the rifugio. 


Dinner is typically served as a 4 course meal. Tonight’s starter was tagliatelle with mushroom and a side of spinach gnocchi. For the main course roast beef with roasted potatoes and carrots or cheesy polenta for the veggies. Dessert arrived as panna cotta with raspberry sauce and a biscuit, and grappa and espresso are especially popular after dinner.  


After enjoying dinner and the sunset, most participants are content to relax and enjoy some sleep before a full new day of trails, rifugios, views, and experiences!


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