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What do you do on a running retreat and what is a Runcation?

What do you do on a running retreat? What’s a Runcation? Those questions answered in a description of a day in the life of our Dolomites running retreat. 

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Hut to Hut Runcation in the Dolomites

Summer 2018’s Hut to Hut Runcation in the Italian Dolomites kicked off with lakeside runs and wellness centers into a full day on the trail, ending with an ice bath in the stream by our malga, or dairy farm.

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Combining Runcations with a Trail Racing Adventure

Combining a European trail race with your Runcation is an excellent way to combine racing and vacationing, meeting runners from all over the world, and having an excuse to spend a few extra days in our Runcation locations. Stay tuned for what options we have planned for next summer!

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