Check out Runcation Travel in Adventure Travel New's Article on Solo Travel

Check out Runcation Travel's mention in Adventure Travel New's latest article on the rising trend of solo travel. This piece does a great job breaking down the rising trend of solo travel and how some of the top operators in the adventure travel industry are responding to the trend. 

Creating smaller groups that encourage integration with a variety of people can help mix things up. “On our hut-to-hut trail running trips, the group divides based on pace during the day, which can change based on uphill, downhill, and flat-section skill levels, rather than who they know,” said Liz Gill of Runcation Travel. “This is an organic way to form new friendships rather than stick with the person you came with.”
— Joanna Haugan, Adventure Travel News

As someone that has worked and traveled abroad as a solo traveler across different continents, I wanted to make sure that our Runcations not only cater to solo travelers, but encourage them. I believe that the small group size of our running retreats and adventures and communal nature of our activities and lodging encourages people to form new friendships, whether they attend the retreat alone or with someone else. Our participants enjoy large breakfasts and dinners together at scenic rifigios and comfortable villas. On the trail people are free to break into groups based on their pace and skill levels, which often provides an opportunity to chat with new people...and maybe even find new potential training partners! The fact that all our logistics are taken care of, from transportation to bookings to guiding, gives solo travelers piece of mind at entering a safe and organized community so that they're free to soak up their adventure run. 



You can learn more about how our retreats and running adventures cater to solo travelers in the Solo Travel section on our website. We're currently offering trail running adventure retreats and guided trail running tours in 2018 and 2019 the Italian Dolomites, Chamonix Mont Blanc, and Spain's Costa Blanca. Don't forget to check out our Retreats page for current offerings and subscribe on our homepage to get news of 2019 dates!

-Liz at Runcation Travel