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Runcation Travel Trail Footage

What are the trails like for running in the Italian Dolomites and Chamonix Mont Blanc? Get a glimpse of the trails we run in this 60-second video, brought to you by one sweaty iPhone.

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Why I love Spain's Costa Blanca

If you take any of the small roads that wind up and away from the tourist spots along the coast, you find a very different version of the Costa Blanca. Small traditional towns of white, sun-bleached buildings topped with earth-toned tiles are nestled in between the folds of the spectacularly mountainous Marina Baixa and Marina Alta. In each little village you're guaranteed the basic necessities: a bar where you can eat fresh and cheap tapas or pescaditos and have a clara (Spain's version of a radler), a baker for your bread, a weekly market of fresh fruits and vegetables, and a bodega for your wine tasting…If you zoom out further, you're suddenly in a much wilder landscape.

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Check out Runcation Travel in Adventure Travel New's Article on Solo Travel

Check out Runcation Travel's mention in Adventure Travel New's latest article on the rising trend of solo travel. This piece does a great job breaking down the rising trend of solo travel and looks at how some of the top operators in the adventure travel industry are responding to the trend. Check out the article and our Solo Traveler section on the website to learn more about Runcation Travel’s approach!

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