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Run of the Month

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Our run of the month is the route for our Dolomites Runcation! Kudos to our participant Amir for linking the runs together to form one long route (pictured above). It is quite the feeling of accomplishment to link this route together over a week without the use of any additional transport--just our legs! One thing I really love about this route is the fact that you're able to see the landscape and surrounding regions change in it's entirety, especially the subtlety of the changes in the food, language, and landscape. This is something missed by most people that are only able to do day trips and why we love offering this special adventure as a running trip.

We've got good news--our summer 2020 dates are now live and available for registering. Check out the 2020 summer dates and join us next July!

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2020 Dolomites Dates

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Cast your vote on 2020 Runcation Dates before they go live! We’re heading to run to Machu Picchu in Peru, Yosemite National Park in California’s Sierra Nevada, Chamonix’s Tour du Mont Blanc, Slovenia, a new Dolomites offering, and more!

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Featured Travel Tip

This week we're sharing another guest post by one of our Runcation participants from this summer. You can check out Peter Joosten's blog below for tips for how he trained, prepared, and what he encountered on the route.

One thing that is really impressive about Peter's preparation is that the highest hill by his home in the Netherlands was around 30m in height. He did repeats on this hill to train for a week where we climbed thousands of feet over 7 days in the Dolomites. Not only that, but he left us all in the dust on the steepest of climbs! It was amazing to see him discover this trail superpower with us in the Dolomites. For those of you that might live in flatter areas without big mountain trails to prepare on, take a look at his blog post below.

Peter's Post on the Dolomites