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Photo by Preston Gannaway New York Times

Photo by Preston Gannaway New York Times

The country's oldest trail race is this weekend! The annual Dipsea race from Mill Valley to Stinson Beach showcases some of Marin County's best trails, from Muir Woods National Monument through Mount Tamalpais State Park. 

In 1904, the race started with a small group of friends who put a bet on who could run from Mill Valley to the Dipsea Inn the fastest, taking whatever route they desired. We loved this feature in the New York Times Dipsea: A Trail Race Where ‘You’re Either the Hunter or the Hunted’ describing the race's unique handicapping system and harrowing shortcuts. 

While the full trail covers 7.4 miles point-to-point, the race day route is closer to 7 because of shortcuts.  Check out the FATMAP gpx route and elevation profile of the route of the race, featuring the standard race day short cuts. 

The Dipsea Race

Travel Tip:  Running Jet Lag

If you've ever gone out for a shakeout run the morning after a long day of travel, you know that running jet lag is no joke. We've compiled a few tips below, whether you're running a race overseas, prepping for aRuncation, or just trying to sneak in some training on a vacation. 

  1. Stay hydrated. Try to avoid alcohol and excessive amounts of caffeine the first day or two and keep drinking water--both on the plane, during travel, and once you arrive!

  2. Switch to the timezone immediately. It might be some ridiculous hour at home, but if you're a morning runner,  set your alarm to run in the morning. It might feel painful the first day or two, but these runs can help you adjust to the time change and combat jet lag. 

  3. Go watchless. Run by feel the first day or two, ignoring pace and mileage. 

  4. Incorporate harder efforts slowly. Your first day in a new time zone might not be the best time to try a long run or mile repeats at a specific target pace. Instead, fartlek workouts by time or strides/pick-ups within the run are a better way to adjust. 

  5. If you're traveling for a race, shakeout runs are your friend. Sometimes two light runs with drills, mobility, and strides can be better than one longer one the first day or two in a new place. It's also a good way to increase mobility after being cooped up on planes and trains for a long time. 

  6. Be patient when adjusting to new terrain and weather. Different trails, altitudes, and climates can be a huge shock for your body. Be patient and give yourself time to adjust the first week of travel. Your body and running will thank you.

  7. Lose the rigidity. If you're traveling somewhere new, remember to enjoy the new experiences and uncertainties that come with travel!

how to prevent jet lag for runners dolomites

Self-Guided Tour du Mont Blanc Adventure

We now offer self-guided trail running tours on the Tour du Mont Blanc! To discover the birthplace of mountain sports, look no further than Chamonix, situated at the base of the highest mountain in the Alps, Mont Blanc, which stands at 15,774 ft. This self-guided Runcation takes you on a run circumnavigating Mont Blanc on the famous Tour du Mont Blanc trail, one of the most iconic long distance walking routes in Europe. It's also the route for the world famous ultramarathon Ultra Trail du Mont Blanc (UTMB) run each August. 

self guided tour du mont blanc trail running runcation

The TMB wraps 170 km around the massive Mont Blanc massif, climbing and descending a total of 10,000 feet through 3 countries and more breathtaking views than you can count. As you traverse the mountain you’ll spend the night in comfortable hotels in towns and charming mountain refuges, which will offer a comfortable place to spend the evening with breathtaking locations and a delicious sampling of Italian, Swiss, and French cuisine, wine, and coffee throughout the trip. 

This retreat adventure is open to any age, any level of runner. We take care of all logistics, booking, and private baggage transport. You’ll received customized gpx files for the Tour du Mont Blanc on an industry-leading trail map platform with interactive features, including recommended Instagram photo ops, peaks, recommended cafes, and your nightly lodging. Do the TMB on your own in a 8-day or 10-day option, averaging either 13 miles or 11 miles per day. Customized itineraries available upon request. Optional 12-week training package available from an experienced running coach to ensure you're trained and ready to go for this adventure of a lifetime! 

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