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Why I love Spain's Costa Blanca

If you take any of the small roads that wind up and away from the tourist spots along the coast, you find a very different version of the Costa Blanca. Small traditional towns of white, sun-bleached buildings topped with earth-toned tiles are nestled in between the folds of the spectacularly mountainous Marina Baixa and Marina Alta. In each little village you're guaranteed the basic necessities: a bar where you can eat fresh and cheap tapas or pescaditos and have a clara (Spain's version of a radler), a baker for your bread, a weekly market of fresh fruits and vegetables, and a bodega for your wine tasting…If you zoom out further, you're suddenly in a much wilder landscape.

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Why Spain's Costa Blanca is the Best Winter Runcation Destination

Why Spain’s Costa Blanca is the best trail running destination for a winter running retreat: hidden trails, Spanish food and history, perfect weather, and affordable flights!

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